The Anat Baniel Method® is a NeuroMovement® holistic approach that utilizes movement – the language of the brain – in all its forms, and the Nine Essentials, to tap the brain’s innate neuro-plastic capability for growth and change. This approach helps upgrade the functioning of the brain to better organize thinking, feeling, emotion, movement and action.

Sessions for Transformation

Hello, I’m Amy Celento and I work with clients to ignite personal, professional and family changes; coaching with vision specific to each client’s life versus using a prescribed model.  Your sessions will identify blocks and bring realignment for balanced forward motion.

~  Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.  – Carl Jung  ~

Most of our experiences are a reflection of our consciousness. When “good” things happen, we often make the connection to our role in creating the circumstances. When ‘bad” things happen, we often don’t make the connection to the unconscious beliefs, behaviors, injuries, absences, and thoughts that attracted the experience. Our buttons are pushed and we react with a range of emotions.

I believe those “buttons” are the handles that open the doors into ourselves. Every time we turn those handles, often with the assistance of others, we begin peeling back the layers; making the unconscious consciousness – bringing forth lasting change.

A hidden masterpiece can emerge when layers of other paintings are removed from the original painting. These layers are carefully and attentively removed to reveal the original intent. Inspiration and dedication are the hallmarks of the restoration expert.

Personal development work often involves peeling layers to reveal the masterpiece with the recognition that some layers are easier to peel than others. There are also aspects of integration and expansion. Aspiration, persistence, and a willingness to allow change are the key components to opening the doors into your psyche. If you have landed here, you are probably ready to begin that process.

Amy Celento