“Amy has become my go-to person for helping to solve my health and emotional issues, and to keep moving forward in my life. Her combination of vision, knowledge, skill, experience and caring (most of all) never fail to exceed my expectations.”
– Loretta, Homeopathic Student, NYC

“I met Amy in 2007 when I lived in New York, and I began working with her almost immediately in IST sessions. A couple of years later I also worked with her on transformational handwriting. The reflection she gave me, and the changes I made then with her guidance, gave me the confidence to take a big step forward in my career. It was a huge success for me and I felt her support the whole way through. Both in ISIS sessions and later with handwriting changes, I have felt Amy to be solidly supportive, holding my highest good and empowerment as the guide to all our work. I would recommend her to anyone with an interest in personal growth, or anyone wanting more out of life. She will not only help you to heal, she will help you shine!”
– A. Montgomery, San Francisco

“Dear Amy, Thank you so much for the work that you did with me today. The precision of your vision and the masterful way you helped me see all aspects of my life was incredibly helpful. I can still feel the space we worked from and I so appreciate it. With Gratitude,”
– Wenndi Freer, Engage the Flow

“Amy Celento is a dynamic healer, who listens, rather than pushes. I think that’s what I like about her best. Her work is personal, intuitive, and real. Her manner is frank yet kind, and her 1,000-watt smile alone makes me feel better, before she’s even done a thing. I have done ISIS work with Amy, Vimala Rogers’ Handwriting work, and she has also space cleared our house, including clearing and balancing the property. I find her level of desire to help others heal themselves to be truly exceptional, and her gifts and skills match it.”
– Alison Bolshoi, Opera Singer and Voice Teacher

“Amy brings her signature enthusiasm and sense of wonder to her work. I appreciate the patience and completely non-judgmental attitude she brings. Having had the chance to work with her as both an ISIS practitioner and Handwriting Coach, I always feel supported and held by her caring, patience, knowledge and love in her work.”
– Robert Volinsky, Restorative Therapies

“If you want to move through your personal roadblocks, I highly recommend working with Amy. I have done the handwriting practice and ISIS with Amy and I have shifted through decade old and lifelong issues. I almost can’t believe my life some days – it’s so good! Amy has been an integral part of my progress through her vision and support. She will not fix your problems; she will open the path to see where you want to be and then carefully guide and support your changes. If you are ready to move through your roadblocks, see Amy now. Gratefully,”
– Caren, Single Mother, Business Consultant