I have spent the last 15-years holding the question “What drives me?” This question ignited a path of awakening that has led me to meditation, IST inner-exploration work, family and systemic constellations, changing my handwriting to facilitate shifting my consciousness, co-creatively working with Nature, clearing and consecrating spaces, and learning the NeuroMovement to wake up the brain and body. All of these techniques have given me vision into the mechanisms that drive me and have brought an alignment of body, soul, heart, mind, and career.

I spent 22-years in banking and payment systems in administrative, product development, account management, and marketing promotions et sponsorships roles. The most favorite aspects of those roles were working with many people on multifaceted projects. One boss described me as “being able to see around corners on every aspect of a project.” and I have taken that level of vision out of the corporate behemoth into more personal arenas by focusing on working with individuals, families and small businesses.

I love teaching and am excited to be offering Transformational Movement Lessons for individuals and groups, talks, seminars and workshops. I also assist at introductory meditation and my teacher’s NeuroMovement workshops.

Amy Celento

I enjoy assisting people in discovering new aspects of themselves and their relationships, helping people come into alignment, and dropping the characteristics and habits that are obstacles. Several of the tools I use can easily be implemented by anyone so that daily personal change can be facilitated by my clients. No one becomes reliant on me – an important aspect of personal development efforts!

I am the Mom of a teenager with a genetic blood disorder and I actively volunteer in service to others who have the disorder. I also serve as a Patient Representative, principally on pediatric and thalassemia matters, to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).